Can I go to bed now?

Right, I am definitely going to bed now!
I noticed that we were suddenly getting a lot of traffic round here, due to 'A to Z' doing very nicely in the Mac charts right now - I also noticed that a lot of people were clicking through to completely dead pages of nothingness that I'd left lying around. Well, we weren't getting a lot of visitors last week, so I kind of let the place go a bit!
So, if this is your first visit here, then you are now looking at the brand new blog, which is a lot prettier, and less dead-endy that the one that was up here last night.

The device buttons on the left will take you to the relevant app store for each device, where all Hey Bear games for that device will be available.

Also, while you're here, please pop over to Facebook (that's the big blue button on the left), and when you get there, hit the Like button....if you like us, that is!