Baby View updates ARE coming! (this year!)

Hello, just thought I'd pop by to 'answer' a couple of comments I'm noticing on the recent reviews of Baby View.
Firstly, we're totally chuffed with all the great 5 star reviews we're getting, so thanks very much for that!
The 'answer' though, is YES - I WILL be updating Baby View in the 'near' future (this year)! I hope to make this update 'the big one' that will make Baby View an utterly complete and comprehensive baby entertainment app by adding as many new scenes as I can. I've already got loads of ideas and will no doubt get a load more once I knuckle down to it.
So, for those hoping for some updates, please sit tight and rest assured that they ARE coming! I'll do my best to get them out before your children have grown up and got a job already!