Saturday, 28 September 2013

Latest iOS7 Update News...

With regards to the coming update - I'll let you in on a secret - I've already uploaded the new versions of all my apps to Apple, which definitely fix the iOS7 crashing problem, so that's good. What's not good it that Apple have rejected these apps because they no longer conform to the new 'parental gating' criteria that Apple are now enforcing as a part of the new apps for children category. So, unfortunately I need to do a bit more work on EVERY app to make it harder for little fingers to accidentally end up on Facebook, or in the app store etc. That's totally fair enough and something that I definitely wanted to address in the updates, it's just that now I kind of have to go back and retrofit it to the older version of the apps so that I can get working versions back up and keep iOS7 customers happy! All in all it shouldn't put me back much more than a week or two, but like I mentioned, once you add on Apple's approval process it all starts to add up!

In the meantime....
I do have an alternative! You can pop over to my YouTube channel and watch the apps running there! It's really 'almost' like having the apps if you make it full screen, and a couple of the videos are an hour long, so you won't need to keep restarting  the video. They're all here on YouTube!!

These two are an hour long, classical music or white noise, and mostly just the black and white scenes...

Classical Music

White Noise & Heartbeat

And this one is shorter, only 15 minutes, but it runs through the entire app, all scenes...

Baby View Run-through
The only other problem with this video is that it was initially intended as merely a run-through of the app, so I guess the scenes change a little too often for it to be as useful? I'd actually really appreciate it if you would let me know which kind of videos (and app functions) would be most useful to you and your children. I'm definitely intending to make a lot more videos and would like to make them as useful to you as possible, so please feel free to suggest anything!

Hopefully the vids will tide you over till I finally get the apps past Apple's stringent review process, and again, super glad the apps are useful and thanks for not giving me one star :D

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