E.L.E. Extinction Level Elephant Available now on iOS!

ELE is now available on the iOS App Store. Please go and help him in his (for now) hopeless mission to get the Earth and all its inhabitants through the (endless) asteroid belt!

E.L.E. Extinction Level Elephant on iOS App Store

As an inexplicably colossal elephant orbiting the Earth, you must partake in a doomed 'game' of cosmic 'blow football' to guide the planet safely through a troublesome asteroid belt.

For reasons as unknown as that of how you became so astonishingly massive, and are still able to breath in deep space for that matter, your favourite snack - peanuts of all things, have also been expanded to a completely unreasonable size!

Well, you might as well have a nibble while you're saving the entire planet and every living thing on it!

Perhaps you will eventually find out how you got this big? (Hint: Not in this release.)

Perhaps you can guide the planet to safe harbour somewhere in the outer reaches of the galaxy? (Hint: You won't... it's just meteors. Forever.)

All you can do for now is Blow!..No, really. That's literally all you can do.