A to Z - Mrs. Owl's Learning Tree

Welcome to Mrs. Owl's Learning Tree!
Come on up to the tree-house classroom and enjoy the great games that Mrs. Owl has prepared for you inside!

Join Mrs. Owl in the Learning Tree's treehouse classroom as she takes you through the complete alphabet with beautiful pictures, illustrations and great sound effects.
Mrs. Owl also knows all the correct phonetic letter sounds, so she can help you with those too, if you need a little help.

Mrs. Owl's Learning Tree - A to Z is particularly suitable for preschoolers learning their first words and is the perfect introduction to the alphabet.

Game Features

Touch the pictures for sound effects and touch the upper and lower case letters in each corner for the correct phonetic letter sounds.
Mrs. Owl will read every word you touch, even if it's not the right answer, so you can still learn the word even if you get it wrong!

Game Modes
A to Z Quiz - Go through the entire alphabet from A to Z and choose the correct answer from the list of four possible words on the blackboard. A point is awarded if you answer correctly *first time* and at the end of the game you are given your total score out of 26.

Word Quiz - You can also choose to answer a series of either 5, 10, 15 or 20 random words. Simply tap the word that matches the picture and you'll score a point and move on! These words may also repeat during the game to help with repetitive learning.

Picture Quiz - **New in version 3** Choose to answer a series of either 5, 10, 15 or 20 random pictures. Simply tap the picture that matches the letter and you'll score a point and move on! These words may also repeat during the game to help with repetitive learning.

A to Z Flashcards - Take your time and learn the whole alphabet at your leisure! No pressure to answer first time here, or even answer at all! Simply tap away at the words, letters and pictures and Mrs. Owl will repeat with you!

Alphabet Phonics - **New in version 3** The entire alphabet at your fingertips to repeat and learn with Mrs. Owl as she reminds you of the phonically correct pronunciation of each letter. Not only that, but there is a Shift key so that you can learn all the capital letter sounds as well as the lower case phonics!

UK or US mode - You can choose wether Mrs. Owl will use the word 'Zed' or 'Zee' depending on your national preference!

Corner Letters - You can choose to turn the letters displayed at the corners of the pictures off, if you wish to make the game a little harder!


  1. Loved the free version so bought the whole thing - and now mrs owl has stopped talking! So there's no "zed" OR "zee"!!! Help!

  2. Sorry to hear that Helen, she's never done that before! Which device are you using? If you're on iPad, iPhone or iPod, then you should restart the game completely by
    1. Double click the Home button (the actual button on the device, not in the game)
    2. Scroll the list left or right to find the Mrs.Owl game icon
    3. Press and HOLD the icon till it starts wobbling!
    4. Press the small red minus button to close the app.
    5. Tap the main screen again to go back to normality.
    6. Restart the game.

    I really hope this helps, it normally does if any app isn't behaving. I do test Mrs. Owl as much as possible, but there's always something that slips through the net! I hope you can fix the problem and hope that Mrs. Owl and I haven't upset you too much ;]
    Please do let me know if this doesn't help!

  3. Do u make a version for the tablet... I could really use this app for my 5 yr. Old.!

  4. Hi Julian, thanks for your interest!
    All apps are available for iPad, iPhone, iPod, Mac and all Android devices.
    If you click the desired device button, in the speech bubble menu on the top left of this page, you'll be taken to the relevant store for that device and will be presented with all Hey Bear Productions games currently available for that device.
    Hope this helps - I'll probably get around to making those buttons a bit more obvious - maybe some text will help!!
    Thanks for listening ;]

  5. No sound! Please advise. I really want to use this app with my students.

  6. Hi Melissa, please email me on Slowboy(at)talktalk(dot)net and we'll go through it - sames goes for anyone having trouble with any Hey Bear game!
    All I can suggest in the meantime is to try the process above to fully reset the app, rather than just closing it and re-opening it; this truly solves 99 out of 100 problems!