Privacy Policy (or lack thereof)

Hello, this is the privacy policy of Hey Bear Productions.
Basically, I know absolutely nothing about you, and wouldn't tell anyone even if I did know anything.
If you have bought an app made by me, I really don't know about it, unless you were to tell me.
Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft, (wherever you bought my app from), do not provide me with any personal information whatsoever about who has bought my games, all I see are numbers. I am able to see how many people, in what country, bought which app, but that's about it. 
At present, no single app produced by Hey Bear Productions, (that's me), includes any kind of information gathering or data collecting of any kind. Equally, no app of mine sends any data anywhere else, we're really not about that round here; we just want you to enjoy the game, so relax, stop being so paranoid!
I promise you, there are better, more interesting and enlightening things to read on the internet than this! Any other page on this blog, for a start, anything but this one!
Yours, not snoopingatallhonestlyingly,
Wayne Johnson
Hey Bear Productions

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