Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Annoying is not such a great word! But there's a fix!..

Hey bears ;]
Well, after a load of nice 5 stars I was bound to get a 1 star sooner or later - got one today form Sweden. I wish there was a way to reply to people within the app reviews, because this particular problem has an easy fix. The user's complaint is that their baby is swiping the app away with its hand because they are using their whole hand ie, four or five fingers. Some of you will already have realised that this behaviour is caused by the 'multifunctional gestures' setting being turned 'on' in the general settings of the iPad.
So, it's a little frustrating not being able to help this user - they could have their problem solved in seconds, if only I could let them know! Well, I'll be sure to include this in the Help section of the next Baby View update, and may even mention it as a pop up on the first couple of start ups.
There is still hope as well, that someone in Sweden will reply with their own review and let the person know how to fix it, and there's also the hope that the user will follow the Hey Bear link in the Help and end up here reading this!!
So, just to tide you over till an update, if you find your baby inadvertently swiping the app away with their many fingered touches....

pop into Settings > General > Multitasking Gestures = OFF


  1. How do we fix this problem on Android? Absolutely LOVE this app. I have tried about 5 other black and white type apps with my newborn and she loves baby view the most. It is amazing. No matter what almost every time it stops her from crying and she is mesmerized by it. She is 14 weeks now and it holds her attention for about 30 mins which we all know is HUGE for a newborn/infant. I only have lite version but plan to upgrade. Just wondering if you plan to add more NEW screens and upgrades over time for your paying customers? I am worried she might get bored with the same images over time. Also the only thing I like better on a couple other apps is they can be set on Auto play. Sometimes I have the time to sit with her and play but sometimes I would like her to be able to do it without me and she is too young to be able to push house twice and so on. Do u plan on adding a feature like this? Thanks again for the GREAT APP and I plan on spreading the news of his great app to my other Mommies in my groups online.

  2. Hi Heather, I'm not sure exactly how android handle app switch gestures - I'm guessing that each device will have its own, slightly different way of doing things as well, so all I can suggest is that you look into the settings of your particular device - what are you using Heather? I'll look it up and see if I can help.
    Glad you like the app though! Thanks for the great feedback :]
    I am definitely planning to update Baby View this year, so I'm sure your daughter will still be young enough to enjoy it when it finally arrives! Also, yes, the full version of Baby View already does have an Auto Play Mode.
    Thanks so much for spreading the word!