Annoying is not such a great word! But there's a fix!..

Hey bears ;]
Well, after a load of nice 5 stars I was bound to get a 1 star sooner or later - got one today form Sweden. I wish there was a way to reply to people within the app reviews, because this particular problem has an easy fix. The user's complaint is that their baby is swiping the app away with its hand because they are using their whole hand ie, four or five fingers. Some of you will already have realised that this behaviour is caused by the 'multifunctional gestures' setting being turned 'on' in the general settings of the iPad.
So, it's a little frustrating not being able to help this user - they could have their problem solved in seconds, if only I could let them know! Well, I'll be sure to include this in the Help section of the next Baby View update, and may even mention it as a pop up on the first couple of start ups.
There is still hope as well, that someone in Sweden will reply with their own review and let the person know how to fix it, and there's also the hope that the user will follow the Hey Bear link in the Help and end up here reading this!!
So, just to tide you over till an update, if you find your baby inadvertently swiping the app away with their many fingered touches....

pop into Settings > General > Multitasking Gestures = OFF