Great is a great word - and a popular one!

Evening ;]
Been really pleased with the reviews that both games have been getting lately, and have managed to organize myself enough to start collating them all in one place, so here's where we're at so far!...

A to Z - Mrs. Owl's Learning Tree

Great for preschoolers 

Great app for preschoolers

Great App - Cool App.

Great app, love the flashcards.

Baby View 

Great app for babies. The black and white images are sharp, great movement.

Estimula - A mi bebĂ© realmente le entretiene¡ 
Stimulates - Really entertains my baby!

Love it! - This app gets my 9week old's attention! I was surprised an app could get him to focus so early. I bought this on my Kindle fire and was happy to see I could get it on my iPhone as well!

Bellissima! - Ottima anche per bimbi con problemi di vista! 
Beautiful! - Excellent for children with vision problems!

Great App for babies!
My 9 week old's face lit up when I first turned it on for him! He was all smiles which I was pleasantly surprised to get that reaction from him with an app. It does get his attention for a few minutes which we have been working on him focusing more & more lately.

...All good stuff then!
Thanks so much for taking the time to review my apps. I really do appreciate it. The great thing is that not only do they help in the short term to encourage people to give the apps a try, they will continue helping for months and maybe years to come as the apps accumulate more and more reviews and buikd themselves a five star reputation! So thanks, every little really does help!

Mrs. Owl's major update is ready for upload as we speak - I was actually working on it just now, before getting sidetracked by these reviews! So, hopefully the reviews for Mrs. Owl will get even better once it's released! Speaking of which, I'll get right back to it...