Hey! from Hey Bear Productions

Hey Y'all, I'd just like to say thanks for taking the time to pop over and see what's happening here at Hey Bear Productions!
Well, I suppose, in general, not a great deal has happened for the past 6 months over here, apart from me working away in the background getting some games polished up, but now that we're there, we've got something to shout about, so things should be getting a fair bit busier around here in the future!
Please keep popping back to see what's up, or even subscribe if you like, so you don't miss out!
Hey Bear Productions is now the home of Baby View and Mrs. Owl's Learning Tree - A to Z. Both these games currently have their own blog sites, but once A to Z is properly updated and released I'll be deleting both those blogs so that this blog becomes the one place to be for all Hey Bear games!
So, what have we got so far? Well, Baby View is now released on all mobile devices, Mrs. Owl's Learning Tree - A to Z is nearly finished, also on all mobile platforms, and once she's put and about I'll be getting straight on to the next Mrs. Owl game which will be numbers, counting and maths based. Look out for the new game's tab which should be appearing in the next month or so. I'll be much more active with posting works in progress so you can keep an eye on how things are shaping up, and please comment to let me know what you think and suggest some things that you would like to see in the games!
Anyway, if you got this far, I'm proud of you - thanks for listening!! ;D