Another great 5 Star review from the UK :D

Another great 5 star review from the UK - Thanks Olivia's parents!!...

Amazing! - We bought this app when our baby was born as she was diagnosed with a congenital catharact in one eye but couldn't be operated as the eye had no chance of recuperating sight. We were so worried not knowing what she could and could not see! We showed her the first screens when she was only a few days old and now that she's 8 months she knows what to touch in each screen and loves it! It's been her favourite thing since she was really little and it's great to see she interacts so well, we believe stimulating her sight really helped her even if we still don't know how much she can see.The only thing we would suggest for the upgrade is if you could link the help page somewhere where it's not as accessible (as she always ends up on the facebook link!) and if you could make the house that sends you back to the menu smaller as she keeps pressing it and ends up just jumping from one screen to the other before it's even been loaded sometimes!!Many thanks! Olivia and her parents

...And yes, I promise I'll be changing the home button and links access. I'll probably make a 'Parents Zone' that's really hard to get to!