This app has been a god send! ( Your words, not mine! ;] )

***** Mega 5 star review!
Just received this great review for Baby View on the UK App Store!
The only downside is that I have no way to get in contact and personally thank the author - so, if this was you, thanks so much and I'm very glad that Baby View was able to help your son :D
(Also, if you get in contact with me, I'll give you free codes for all the full versions of my other apps too!)

This app has been a god send! - My son is now 5 and a half months old.. He was born with a congenital cataract and had to have surgery to have it removed at 6 weeks old. After the operation in order to develop sight in this eye, we had to put a patch over his good eye for 4 hours a day. As you can imagine this was very difficult as he had to develop sight in his bad eye. He didn't seem to be able to see much at all. During the time he was patched all he did was scream and I knew that I had to try and stimulate his eye as much as I could. Initially i tried to use toys and books but he just did not seem interested. He was too small to physically play and hold the books and they did not seem to get his attention. Then i knew that i had to find something else and after trawling the Internet that's when I came across baby view on you tube. The compilation of images was great, very different to the usual boring black and white picture images. To begin with I did not get much of a reaction to the images, but he loved the music. I made sure he watched this daily when his eye was patched to stimulate him and to develop the sight in his bad eye. As the days passed the more he could see as I could tell this by his reactions to the images, squealing, giggling and laughing with delight and when I moved my phone around he followed the images. It caught my sons attention and kept it as the images were clear, crisp, bright and the music was fun and because they moved and changed this kept him gripped. He made so much progress.. I now have the app on my phone which he loves.. I put it in front of him when he's in his bouncer and he laughs and has so much fun and I know that this is stimulating his eye too. When I'm out and about or on public transport if hes upset I show him the images and this immediately gets his attention, crying stops and he's giggling in no time! Definitely recommend this app to everyone, great for developing sight, tracking and a fun tool to entertain your baby. Thank you so much for inventing this! :))))