Sunday, 17 June 2018

Baby Sensory - Relaxing Lullabies is now available for purchase!

Baby Sensory - Relaxing Lullabies is available to purchase now as a digital video download!

Please click here for the DIGITAL DOWNLOAD...

Monday, 12 February 2018

Unicorns! is now available for purchase!

Baby Sensory - Unicorns! is available to purchase now as a digital video download!

Please click here for the DIGITAL DOWNLOAD...

Friday, 19 January 2018

Hey all, long time no see! Sorry about that, buy hey, I've still been busy making more videos! Also, Hey Beat Productions is now totally LIVE on Patreon! If you're feeling kind hearted and want to get access to (eventually) loads more Hey Bear related stuff, please pop by out Patreon page and get signed up!

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Baby Sensory - Rainbow is available to purchase

Baby Sensory - Rainbow is available to purchase now as a digital video download or as part of the new Hey Bear Productions Baby Sensory DVD!

Please click here for the DIGITAL DOWNLOAD...

...or here for the DVD....

Baby Sensory - Popcorn is available to purchase

Baby Sensory - Popcorn is available to purchase now as a digital video download or as part of the new Hey Bear Productions Baby Sensory DVD!

Please click here for the DIGITAL DOWNLOAD...

...or here for the DVD....

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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Baby Sensory - Raindrops is available to purchase

Baby Sensory - Raindrops is available to purchase now as a digital video download or as part of the new Hey Bear Productions Baby Sensory DVD!

Please click here for the DIGITAL DOWNLOAD...

...or here for the DVD....

Click here to buy now!

Friday, 18 November 2016

Baby Sensory Videos

Baby Sensory - Popcorn is available to purchase now as a digital video download or as part of the new Hey Bear Productions Baby Sensory DVD!

Please click here for the DIGITAL DOWNLOAD...

...or here for the DVD....

Click here to buy now!

Baby Sensory - Rainbow is available to purchase now as a digital video download or as part of the new Hey Bear Productions Baby Sensory DVD!

Please click here for the DIGITAL DOWNLOAD...

...or here for the DVD....

Click here to buy now!

Baby Sensory - Popcorn is available to purchase now as a digital video download or as part of the new Hey Bear Productions Baby Sensory DVD!

Please click here for the DIGITAL DOWNLOAD...

...or here for the DVD....

Click here to buy now!

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Hey Bear Producitons' first ever DVD coming soon!
I'll keep you posted when it's available ;]

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

E.L.E. Extinction Level Elephant Available now on iOS!

ELE is now available on the iOS App Store. Please go and help him in his (for now) hopeless mission to get the Earth and all its inhabitants through the (endless) asteroid belt!

E.L.E. Extinction Level Elephant on iOS App Store

As an inexplicably colossal elephant orbiting the Earth, you must partake in a doomed 'game' of cosmic 'blow football' to guide the planet safely through a troublesome asteroid belt.

For reasons as unknown as that of how you became so astonishingly massive, and are still able to breath in deep space for that matter, your favourite snack - peanuts of all things, have also been expanded to a completely unreasonable size!

Well, you might as well have a nibble while you're saving the entire planet and every living thing on it!

Perhaps you will eventually find out how you got this big? (Hint: Not in this release.)

Perhaps you can guide the planet to safe harbour somewhere in the outer reaches of the galaxy? (Hint: You won't... it's just meteors. Forever.)

All you can do for now is Blow!..No, really. That's literally all you can do.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Baby View Updated!

Baby View has just had a massive update, and should be out before Xmas 2013, Apple submission permitting!...

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

YouTube video removed, but replaced!

Apologies - due to never ending and seemingly automatic copyright issues regarding the music in my most popular YouTube video, I've had to remove it :[
Never fear though, this one is identical, apart from the music is copyright vulture proof!...

Sunday, 20 October 2013

New Video on YouTube

 Hey, I've posted a new prototype video up on YouTube!..

Some of these patterns will end up in the Baby View update that I'm currently working on, but there are so many here, and the concept has so much potential, that I'm pretty certain that I'll make an entire app based on this alone. No idea what to call it though. Any ideas?

Friday, 11 October 2013

All submitted! (Again!)

Right. That's it. All Hey Bear games have been uploaded to Apple (for the second time), so very soon, all apps will be iOS7 friendly. I'm having the rest of the night off!
(It's a quarter to midnight)

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Baby View is now iOS7 compatible - at last!

Hey, At last! Baby View updates have been approved and are ALL back on the store now! All iOS7 friendly, and with new fangled 'Parental Gates' in place! I'm sure you parents will get the hang of them and your children will be flummoxed enough to move on past the buttons. Basically, any button that leads out of the app, either to Facebook, the blog, or the app store, will now require you to hold it for a full 4 seconds before letting you go there! Let me know what you think and if you would prefer any changes or improvements.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Latest iOS7 Update News...

With regards to the coming update - I'll let you in on a secret - I've already uploaded the new versions of all my apps to Apple, which definitely fix the iOS7 crashing problem, so that's good. What's not good it that Apple have rejected these apps because they no longer conform to the new 'parental gating' criteria that Apple are now enforcing as a part of the new apps for children category. So, unfortunately I need to do a bit more work on EVERY app to make it harder for little fingers to accidentally end up on Facebook, or in the app store etc. That's totally fair enough and something that I definitely wanted to address in the updates, it's just that now I kind of have to go back and retrofit it to the older version of the apps so that I can get working versions back up and keep iOS7 customers happy! All in all it shouldn't put me back much more than a week or two, but like I mentioned, once you add on Apple's approval process it all starts to add up!

In the meantime....
I do have an alternative! You can pop over to my YouTube channel and watch the apps running there! It's really 'almost' like having the apps if you make it full screen, and a couple of the videos are an hour long, so you won't need to keep restarting  the video. They're all here on YouTube!!

These two are an hour long, classical music or white noise, and mostly just the black and white scenes...

Classical Music

White Noise & Heartbeat

And this one is shorter, only 15 minutes, but it runs through the entire app, all scenes...

Baby View Run-through
The only other problem with this video is that it was initially intended as merely a run-through of the app, so I guess the scenes change a little too often for it to be as useful? I'd actually really appreciate it if you would let me know which kind of videos (and app functions) would be most useful to you and your children. I'm definitely intending to make a lot more videos and would like to make them as useful to you as possible, so please feel free to suggest anything!

Hopefully the vids will tide you over till I finally get the apps past Apple's stringent review process, and again, super glad the apps are useful and thanks for not giving me one star :D

Sunday, 22 September 2013

One star reviewers are just plain rude!

Dudes, please don't one star me just because the apps are crashing under iOS7 right now.

I'm resubmitting every single app as we speak and all will be well as soon as Apple put them on the store.

Unfortunately, this could still be up to 3 weeks, but there's nothing I can do - I'll have done my part by the end of today!

Thank you for your patience, no thank you for one star reviews!

Friday, 20 September 2013

iOS 7 updates are coming! Please mail me if you are having any issues!

Hey bears! Just a quick note to let you know what's happening with iOS7 compatibility...
I really don't know how many of you are affected, but I do know that Hey Bear apps may (or may not) crash now and again under iOS7. It appears that restarting the app may help, but it seems that the crashes are fairly unpredictable. So...
Please 'bear' with me! I am waiting on the guys that produce our game engine to get a fix out, which should be within the next 48 hours. Then, as soon as I have that I will republish ALL Hey Bear apps, just to be sure. This could take up to two weeks... THEN... I'll need to wait for another week or two for Apple to actually get around to testing the apps before eventually releasing them onto the app store so that you can get the update.
In the meantime, I'd really appreciate it if you could mail me with any problems that you are experiencing under iOS7, just so that I can get an idea of which apps, and which devices are most problematic - then obviously I'll make sure I get those ones updated first!
So, give me a shout at slowboy (at) talktalk (dot) net and please let me know which app you are using (Full name please! Some apps have very similar names!), which device you are running it on, and what your main problem has been, eg, is it crashing at the same place again and again, or does it just fall over randomly?

Thanks for your patience, I think that pretty much all developers are rushing out iOS7 specific updates right now, so I don't think that this is a one off situation. Give it a few weeks and it'll be as if it never happened!


Thursday, 25 July 2013

Half a million minutes!

HeyBear fact : In the last 30 days, the Hey Bear video channel on YouTube has been viewed for over 500,000 minutes! Laid end to end that's over a whole year of continuous 24/7 watching in the last 30 days alone! Thanks viewers! Also, thanks Lucie for being interested in the stats enough to notice!

Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Welcome to MathGrid, the perfect 100 square for all your counting, adding, subtracting and multiplication needs! MathGrid is an ideal learning tool for children aged 5 to 11, but is more suited to ages 2 to 103!
MathGrid has multiple modes to help you get the best out of your 100 square, and to keep your learning focused on the job at hand!

The first tap in Addition & Subtraction Mode sets the 'base number', then any subsequent tap will set the 'result number' which will either add or subtract from the base number. Try it, it's easier to do than to explain!
To start again and set a new 'base number', just tap the Clear button on the top right.

Choose a number from the list on the right to have its multiplication table highlighted on the grid. Tap a highlighted number from the mulitplication sequence to be told how many times the base divisor it is.

Maths Quiz is the perfect place to put your number square skills to the test with an unlimited series of addition and subtraction problems for you to solve.

In Paint Mode you can simply tap any number to colour it whatever colour you like. Use Paint Mode to find number patterns and sequences. You can paint different sequences such as times tables  in different colours and explore the differences and similarities between them.
Also in Paint Mode, you can simply turn the numbers off and paint a pattern without distraction!

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

2 more hours of Baby View videos on YouTube.

2 new videos uploaded to YouTube today, They've both got the same visuals, but one has white noise audio (running water and heartbeats), while the other has loads of classical music...take your pick!

Baby View White Noise


 Baby View Classical

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Free Apps for Schools!

Hey, just thought I should mention that if you are here to evaluate Hey Bear's apps suitability for your school or nursery, please do get in touch with me at, or find me on Facebook - there's a Facebook link on the right there>>
I've got plenty of promo codes and would be happy to give your school some full copies of the games to see how your kids get along with them.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Another great 5 Star review from the UK :D

Another great 5 star review from the UK - Thanks Olivia's parents!!...

Amazing! - We bought this app when our baby was born as she was diagnosed with a congenital catharact in one eye but couldn't be operated as the eye had no chance of recuperating sight. We were so worried not knowing what she could and could not see! We showed her the first screens when she was only a few days old and now that she's 8 months she knows what to touch in each screen and loves it! It's been her favourite thing since she was really little and it's great to see she interacts so well, we believe stimulating her sight really helped her even if we still don't know how much she can see.The only thing we would suggest for the upgrade is if you could link the help page somewhere where it's not as accessible (as she always ends up on the facebook link!) and if you could make the house that sends you back to the menu smaller as she keeps pressing it and ends up just jumping from one screen to the other before it's even been loaded sometimes!!Many thanks! Olivia and her parents

...And yes, I promise I'll be changing the home button and links access. I'll probably make a 'Parents Zone' that's really hard to get to!

Monday, 15 April 2013

This app has been a god send! ( Your words, not mine! ;] )

***** Mega 5 star review!
Just received this great review for Baby View on the UK App Store!
The only downside is that I have no way to get in contact and personally thank the author - so, if this was you, thanks so much and I'm very glad that Baby View was able to help your son :D
(Also, if you get in contact with me, I'll give you free codes for all the full versions of my other apps too!)

This app has been a god send! - My son is now 5 and a half months old.. He was born with a congenital cataract and had to have surgery to have it removed at 6 weeks old. After the operation in order to develop sight in this eye, we had to put a patch over his good eye for 4 hours a day. As you can imagine this was very difficult as he had to develop sight in his bad eye. He didn't seem to be able to see much at all. During the time he was patched all he did was scream and I knew that I had to try and stimulate his eye as much as I could. Initially i tried to use toys and books but he just did not seem interested. He was too small to physically play and hold the books and they did not seem to get his attention. Then i knew that i had to find something else and after trawling the Internet that's when I came across baby view on you tube. The compilation of images was great, very different to the usual boring black and white picture images. To begin with I did not get much of a reaction to the images, but he loved the music. I made sure he watched this daily when his eye was patched to stimulate him and to develop the sight in his bad eye. As the days passed the more he could see as I could tell this by his reactions to the images, squealing, giggling and laughing with delight and when I moved my phone around he followed the images. It caught my sons attention and kept it as the images were clear, crisp, bright and the music was fun and because they moved and changed this kept him gripped. He made so much progress.. I now have the app on my phone which he loves.. I put it in front of him when he's in his bouncer and he laughs and has so much fun and I know that this is stimulating his eye too. When I'm out and about or on public transport if hes upset I show him the images and this immediately gets his attention, crying stops and he's giggling in no time! Definitely recommend this app to everyone, great for developing sight, tracking and a fun tool to entertain your baby. Thank you so much for inventing this! :))))

Saturday, 13 April 2013

New look, and one year old!

Hey, off to bed now after giving this site a bit of a shake up! The YouTube channel has been getting good viewing figures, so I gave that a spruce up, and it's kind of spilled over here too, which is nice. A change is as good as a rest!
In other news, Hey Bear Productions is now officially one year old, which is actually quite a shock - it's come around so quickly! I must be having fun or something!...

 Oh yeah, please pop over to YouTube and check the channel out! Leave us a comment and tell us what you think - subscribe as well if you like, I'll be making a load more videos as soon as I can!

Monday, 4 February 2013

Thanks to The iPhone Mom for posting a review of Baby View!...

Hackers paved the way for ALL of your apps!

Wow, I never realised this...

Over six years ago, when Apple released the iPhone, the only apps available were the ones that came pre-installed (stocks, calculator, YouTube etc). There were so few apps, they didn’t even fill up the home screen!
Apple didn’t even provide the ability to create or install any add-on apps. Instead, developers were urged to create web apps that users would access through the built-in Safari web browser.

Facing backlash from developers, particularly in light of a community of hackers that figured out how to crack the iPhone’s code and build their own apps, Apple came around and embraced native apps.

...How different (or boring) things might've been. Thanks HaX0r5!!!!1

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Baby View updates ARE coming! (this year!)

Hello, just thought I'd pop by to 'answer' a couple of comments I'm noticing on the recent reviews of Baby View.
Firstly, we're totally chuffed with all the great 5 star reviews we're getting, so thanks very much for that!
The 'answer' though, is YES - I WILL be updating Baby View in the 'near' future (this year)! I hope to make this update 'the big one' that will make Baby View an utterly complete and comprehensive baby entertainment app by adding as many new scenes as I can. I've already got loads of ideas and will no doubt get a load more once I knuckle down to it.
So, for those hoping for some updates, please sit tight and rest assured that they ARE coming! I'll do my best to get them out before your children have grown up and got a job already!

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Count 1 to 10 Available NOW!

Available NOW for iPad & iPhone & Mac!

Available SOON for Android and Windows 8

 <<<Please use the STORE buttons on the left to be taken to the appropriate store for your device!

Count 1 to 10 - Mrs. Owl's Learning Tree


Available NOW for iPad & iPhone & Mac!

<<<Please use the STORE buttons on the left to be taken to the appropriate store for your device!
Available SOON for Android and Windows 8

Welcome to Mrs. Owl's Learning Tree!
Come on up to the tree-house classroom and enjoy the great games that Mrs. Owl has prepared for you inside!

Join Mrs. Owl in the Learning Tree's tree-house classroom as she helps you count all the way to ten with beautiful pictures, illustrations and games.

Count 1 to 10  - Mrs. Owls's Learning Tree is particularly suitable for preschoolers being introduced to number and counting for the first time and is a perfect introduction to the fun you can have with counting!

Count Along - Count along from 1 through to 10 with Mrs. Owl. Tap the pictures and Mrs. Owl will tell you how many you've counted so far!

How Many - This time Mrs. Owl wants you to count alone and tell her how many of each object there are. Count them all and tap the correct number in the number line below. If you get it right first time, you'll get a point!

1 to 10 - Explore the numbers at your own pace by scrolling along the number line. When you stop Mrs. Owl will tell you which number you are at. Tap the number and she'll tell you again! This screen also shows the words for the numbers so that you can learn how to spell the numbers too!

Number Board - Simple numbers fun, Just tap any number and Mrs. Owl will shout it out. You shout it out too!

Number Pop - The noisiest game of all! Pop the numbered balloons all the way to ten. Be careful! They'll only pop if you tap them in the correct order!

Counting Quiz - This game is the toughest, you might need someone to help you! Mrs. Owl will show you a number on the right and it's up to you to tell her which one of the pictures on the left has that many. Count carefully and get it right first time if you want to score a point!

As soon as the game is available I will post the store links here...

In the meantime, please pop over and join Hey Bear Productions on Facebook...

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Nice Reviews

 Must say a great big thank you to everyone who is taking the time to review my apps. It's much appreciated!

Here are some reviews for Baby View from Google Play...

A must have for moms My son 5 month old has loved this from day one. Literally! Get it!!!! You won't regret it i assure you.

My 2month old just loves it !!!

Really good Great app. Simple and effective. Should prove useful to entertain baby when out and about and when in waiting rooms!
Good app for a new born Congratz! Great app, we will use it with our future son :-)

Fascinating! A life saver! Best baby app on the market. My 7 week old daughter is enthralled in this app!

Great Baby App!!! 5Stars

Monday, 29 October 2012

Count 1 to 10 - Video

At last, I've made a video of Mrs. Owl's latest game! All I need to do now is make the screen grabs, then we'll be all set to upload to Apple and get it available! Once it's available it'll get its own page around here, so keep an eye out!

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Count 1 to 10 - new game imminent!

I really should be getting to sleep, but just had to pop over and let you know that Mrs. Owl's next Learning Tree game is just around the corner! Only need to make some music and and icon and we're pretty much good to go, so we should be up in the app store within the next few weeks! We'll let you know!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Link buttons in the Mac versions...

Mac Specific….
Please note! - If you are playing in full screen mode (not windowed), the 'More Games', 'Full Version' and 'Facebook' buttons will only open their pages in the background, either within iTunes or your default internet browser. You will not be taken directly to these pages, you will need to quit the game before they are visible. A few people have reported that these buttons do not work on the Mac version. This is not the case, they are just behind the game, waiting for you!
Hope this helps until I can make this more obvious in an update!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Store buttons on the left!

Hey Y'all, thanks for your new, and continued interest in the world of Hey Bear Productions!
I'm here today to let you know about those handy buttons on the left there!
Thanks to Julian Suggs for drawing my attention to the fact that these buttons are probably not as self explanatory as they could be. I'll try and get around to putting some text on them, but for now, hopefully you can cope with the long winded explanation here!....
Basically, if you click one of the device buttons on the left there (in the speech bubbles!), you will be unceremoniously whisked off to the relevant app store for your chosen device. The page that you arrive at, in said store, will present you with a list of all Hey Bear Productions games currently available for that device.
Again, thanks for being here, and thanks for listening!!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

New A to Z Video

At long last, I've finally got around to making a new video for A to Z!

I've invested in a decent video capture program as all the free or cheap ones just didn't seem to produce the quality I wanted. Still, done now, and it's another thing that I can check off my to do list.
This video is actually a complete play through of the A to Z Quiz in the game, so that kids can sit and enjoy the whole of Mrs. Owl's alphabet without even having to buy the game! 

OK, So I got in the mood and did one for Baby View too!

This is a biggy - at 15 minutes long, it contains every screen that Baby View currently has to offer, so perhaps you can see if your baby likes the look of it first!

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Stormin' the charts!

Well, this is nice! Things are going quite a bit better than I had expected or even planned for, with A to Z currently languishing at number 3 in the Top Grossing Educational Chart!
According to App Annie, it's at number 2, but I wasn't about to fake a screen grab, so 3 it is!

Annie also informs me that Mrs. Owl has in fact been to number one in 21 countries on the iPad in the last few weeks, which I didn't even realise!

Mrs. Owl's next app will be counting from 1 to 10 and is already shaping up nicely, but not nicely enough to show you any grabs yet - I'll put a shot or two up once it's a little prettier.
In the meantime, please leave a comment or get touch via email or Facebook and let me know of anything you'd like to see in future games!!
Thanks for listening!

EDIT - Officially Number 2 now, and the the game at Number 1, Civilization, is 5 time the price! I really don't expect to top that, so as far as I'm concerned, we've 'topped' the charts!

Massive thanks to everyone who has purchased any of our games - please get in touch if you have any questions, or have some suggestions for us! Please also bear in mind though, that I've already got at least 18 months worth of work already penciled in!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Can I go to bed now?

Right, I am definitely going to bed now!
I noticed that we were suddenly getting a lot of traffic round here, due to 'A to Z' doing very nicely in the Mac charts right now - I also noticed that a lot of people were clicking through to completely dead pages of nothingness that I'd left lying around. Well, we weren't getting a lot of visitors last week, so I kind of let the place go a bit!
So, if this is your first visit here, then you are now looking at the brand new blog, which is a lot prettier, and less dead-endy that the one that was up here last night.

The device buttons on the left will take you to the relevant app store for each device, where all Hey Bear games for that device will be available.

Also, while you're here, please pop over to Facebook (that's the big blue button on the left), and when you get there, hit the Like button....if you like us, that is!


Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Promo codes for Baby View on Mac OS X!!

I just generated these promo codes by mistake, so I'll put them here for you to grab while they're hot! Please repeat the code that you've used in the comments below so that other people don't waste their time trying to redeem a code that you've already used!

YTT43M3XWX4A At last, we have a taker! Congratulations 'Anonymous' - Enjoy ;D

If this generates any interest I'll probably chuck a load more out, so make sure you comment, otherwise I won't know if anyone's even read this!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Annoying is not such a great word! But there's a fix!..

Hey bears ;]
Well, after a load of nice 5 stars I was bound to get a 1 star sooner or later - got one today form Sweden. I wish there was a way to reply to people within the app reviews, because this particular problem has an easy fix. The user's complaint is that their baby is swiping the app away with its hand because they are using their whole hand ie, four or five fingers. Some of you will already have realised that this behaviour is caused by the 'multifunctional gestures' setting being turned 'on' in the general settings of the iPad.
So, it's a little frustrating not being able to help this user - they could have their problem solved in seconds, if only I could let them know! Well, I'll be sure to include this in the Help section of the next Baby View update, and may even mention it as a pop up on the first couple of start ups.
There is still hope as well, that someone in Sweden will reply with their own review and let the person know how to fix it, and there's also the hope that the user will follow the Hey Bear link in the Help and end up here reading this!!
So, just to tide you over till an update, if you find your baby inadvertently swiping the app away with their many fingered touches....

pop into Settings > General > Multitasking Gestures = OFF

Monday, 23 April 2012

Great is a great word - and a popular one!

Evening ;]
Been really pleased with the reviews that both games have been getting lately, and have managed to organize myself enough to start collating them all in one place, so here's where we're at so far!...

A to Z - Mrs. Owl's Learning Tree

Great for preschoolers 

Great app for preschoolers

Great App - Cool App.

Great app, love the flashcards.

Baby View 

Great app for babies. The black and white images are sharp, great movement.

Estimula - A mi bebĂ© realmente le entretiene¡ 
Stimulates - Really entertains my baby!

Love it! - This app gets my 9week old's attention! I was surprised an app could get him to focus so early. I bought this on my Kindle fire and was happy to see I could get it on my iPhone as well!

Bellissima! - Ottima anche per bimbi con problemi di vista! 
Beautiful! - Excellent for children with vision problems!

Great App for babies!
My 9 week old's face lit up when I first turned it on for him! He was all smiles which I was pleasantly surprised to get that reaction from him with an app. It does get his attention for a few minutes which we have been working on him focusing more & more lately.

...All good stuff then!
Thanks so much for taking the time to review my apps. I really do appreciate it. The great thing is that not only do they help in the short term to encourage people to give the apps a try, they will continue helping for months and maybe years to come as the apps accumulate more and more reviews and buikd themselves a five star reputation! So thanks, every little really does help!

Mrs. Owl's major update is ready for upload as we speak - I was actually working on it just now, before getting sidetracked by these reviews! So, hopefully the reviews for Mrs. Owl will get even better once it's released! Speaking of which, I'll get right back to it...

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Hey! from Hey Bear Productions

Hey Y'all, I'd just like to say thanks for taking the time to pop over and see what's happening here at Hey Bear Productions!
Well, I suppose, in general, not a great deal has happened for the past 6 months over here, apart from me working away in the background getting some games polished up, but now that we're there, we've got something to shout about, so things should be getting a fair bit busier around here in the future!
Please keep popping back to see what's up, or even subscribe if you like, so you don't miss out!
Hey Bear Productions is now the home of Baby View and Mrs. Owl's Learning Tree - A to Z. Both these games currently have their own blog sites, but once A to Z is properly updated and released I'll be deleting both those blogs so that this blog becomes the one place to be for all Hey Bear games!
So, what have we got so far? Well, Baby View is now released on all mobile devices, Mrs. Owl's Learning Tree - A to Z is nearly finished, also on all mobile platforms, and once she's put and about I'll be getting straight on to the next Mrs. Owl game which will be numbers, counting and maths based. Look out for the new game's tab which should be appearing in the next month or so. I'll be much more active with posting works in progress so you can keep an eye on how things are shaping up, and please comment to let me know what you think and suggest some things that you would like to see in the games!
Anyway, if you got this far, I'm proud of you - thanks for listening!! ;D

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Baby View is a great way to stimulate eye co-ordination and focus in babies in the formative months of their lives.
It is a well known fact that that while babies are very young, and their sight is developing, their vision is much more attuned to black and white, high contrast images.
Babies love bright and sharp images. You can see their eyes light up and their interest is visibly raised when presented with these strong images. Add to that the extra dimensions of movement and sound, and your baby will be suitably impressed!
Baby View contains a variety of simple and interactive scenes for you to play through while your baby watches and learns with your help!